Our Heart Collective

The Alchemy's Heart Collective

 "We are The Alchemy and we invite you to join our Heart Collective if you wish to work at a deeper level with us."
Our next Heart Collective joining will be held in2018.If you are wishing to join the Heart Collective, we ask you to attend a minimum of 2-3 months of Alchemy calls before the joining.

  Members of our Heart Collective assist us in bringing through and holding the vibrations of transition for the planet.    Our Ground Crew and Heart Collective are the first human beings we run our energy through on each of our calls and at our Gatherings.  
These Souls are deeply connected to our collective, and resonate with both our message and our energies. They are willing to make a commitment of their energy and time to our work for a planet and a people. Each of them receive a personal guide from The Alchemy Collective during the activation/joining of the Group Heart.

There are very specific requirements of those on the Heart Collective and you must be willing to be engaged in the following:
  • Participate on the majority of open and Heart Collective live calls, Sunday mornings at 9am Pacific time.
  • Personally invite 1-2 new people to each Alchemy call (outside of Social Media postings).
  • Engage in social media as per The Alchemy's request and as guided by The Ground Crew (Facebook postings, sharing events, inviting others, sharing experiences, etc).
  • Be willing and able to work 1 hour per week, above Alchemy calls, to assist The Alchemy grow.
  • Register as a Heart Collective member, providing specific details for the members to view on our website, including photo.
  • Commit for a minimum of one year.
  • Be open to volunteer a little time if asked by the Ground Crew for additional assistance.
  • Make every effort to attend at least one Gathering every 18 months.

Energy and engagement will be monitored to ensure the highest vibration is held. If life's circumstances shift and you are no longer able to hold this commitment, you may be asked to return to participate in open calls only. We trust you understand the need for this as the Heart Collective stability, strength and vibration is vital to our work.


Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Universal Channel, Life Change Agent, Teacher, Healer

Personalized packages to change & lighten your life, Webinars with Enlightened Beings, Personalized Energy Healing Sessions, Soul Readings, Full Moon Meditations, One-on-one Retreats, Group Healings


sparklesoflove11@gmail.com SparklesOfLove Visit Ana-La-Rai's website. analarai.ca-en.lifevantage.com

Anne Dahl

New Jersey, USA

a_1001001@gmail.com aer.dahl.1

Araciel Pina

Toronto, ON, Canada

Light Worker and Alchemy Ambassador bringing forward the Great Awakening

grace.pina@gmail.com grace.pina

Bernice Granger

Penticton, BC, Canada

Love & Light Worker
Alchemy Ambassador

bernicegranger@gmail.com bernice.granger.7

Carol Natalia McKenna

San Diego, CA, USA

Light worker / love holder / star sister

La Ho Chi energy medicine / L.I.F.E. quantum biofeedback technician

Gemstone bracelets, silk scarves



Munich, Germany;  Kaltern, Northern Italy

Intuitive healing, energetic support

Sacred Geometry high vibrational & supportive tools

chrisander36@gmail.com Christian Sacred Geometry Tools


South Tyrol, Italy

Cindy Springer

Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Light worker (work in progress)

Avesa ascended chakra balancing with egyptian healing rods, and Reiki

loucinda@shaw.ca cindy.springer.77

Emily Aguero

Colorado, USA


Gayle Ord

Comox, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Earth Worker, Etheric Feeding with Children

Vibrational Healing

Koshi Musical Chimes


Hugh Perkins

Dome Creek, BC, Canada

Light Server

Golden Age teachings, gardening tips

Andaras and Andara jewelry, felted art and clothing

purelight@andaras.ca www.forestfelters.com www.andaras.ca creatinganewgoldenage.com


Kandy Batey

Lacey, WA, USA


Soul transformation, crystal and energetic healings

Energetically infused hearts desire jewelry

kandybracken@gmail.com kandy.batey

Karen Correa

Bogotá, Colombia

Universal Channel, Lyran Galactic, ‚ÄčEarth Worker, Love Healer, Light Worker

Love Healings, Galactic Transformation, Elemental & Nature Guide

New Earth Frequency Essences, Sacred Geometry

KarenSullivanCorrea ForjarPaz

Kasandra Ryane

Parksville, BC, Canada

Earth worker


Kathy Juncker

Dome Creek, BC, Canada

Golden Age teacher

Golden Age workshops

Felted clothing

kathy@forestfelters.com Kathy www.forestfelters.com creatinganewgoldenage.com

Lorrie Jarrett

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Lyubov Amy Huber

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Earth worker, Light worker

Energetic Healings
Reiki classes and sessions

doTERRA Essential Oils

amylyubov@aol.com amy.lou.77398 mydoterra.com/eliteoils888


Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Reiki Practitioner


Kaui, USA

Child of the Land - Healer

Energetic healings, physical healings

Reiki sessions, massage, healing advice

natalyatk@live.com natalya.tkachenko

Pat Sommers

Weaverville, NC, USA

Earthworker, Lightworker
Owner/grower, native plant nursery

Teach conservation of nature and plants

Native plants of the Southern Appalachias

psommers55@gmail.com pat.sommers.9 naturalselectionsnursery.com

Saa Ra La

Hollywood, FL, USA

Earth worker, Water Healer, Intuitive healer, Rays and roses, Alchemy Collective

Intuitive healing, energetic healing

forjuliegreen@hotmail.com julie.green.14268769

Sarah Muthu

Toronto, ON, Canada

rmuthu9@hotmail.com rajaspari.muthu

Stella Castaneda

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Divine Healing Hands Healer

Divine Healing Hands blessings

stella_castaneda@yahoo.ca maria.s.cubides.3
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