Why Alchemy Gatherings?

As we continue to move forward with the transition of a planet and a people, it becomes much easier to gather people together in the physical and accomplish more of the work and co-creations we are do to. When individuals gather together a higher vibration can be created over the period of 5 days. This in it's self allows for deeper work and more to be achieved. It also allows layers and layers to be completed in a short period of time, rather than over months.

In addition, Alchemy Gatherings are created for the benefit of participants. Attendees meet like-minded Souls, many of whom they know from past lives. They experience very high vibrational energies for a long period of time compared to a one hour Alchemy call. They get to release some of their own density, old beliefs and wounds due to the high vibrations anchored for the Gathering.
Participants get to truly experience the energies of group consciousness, Love and co-creation with full understanding they are assisting with the Divine Plan.

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