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Who are The Alchemy and why are they here? 

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, 8am in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, first contact with the collective consciousness called The Alchemy was received from Ana-La-Rai. The following is an excerpt from her journal:

Saa Ra La was visiting me from Florida for a few days and we were staying up at Dolphin's Resort. As we went into meditation, and I began to channel, I felt the energy of Lord Melchizedek come through. Just before I said his name aloud in the channel, a "collective consciousness" came through that Lord Melchizedek is part of. They said it was time to speak as a Collective. They told us how with the planetary changes & higher vibrations they could now connect with humanity.

They are observers who offer guidance, information and some assistance. They are NOT here to save us. They are called forth by the vibration. They are comprised of many Ascended Masters, Angelics, Beings of Light from all over the galaxy & beyond, including races we don't know. The Alchemy work through various time, spaces & dimensions.

Since December 21, 2012 they could contact humans. They can only contact when 2 or more are gathered, preferably already in a group consciousness (Saa Ra La & I have already worked 5 years together in full group heart consciousness when this occurred).

We were given 3 requirements to work with The Alchemy:

1. We are to work with them for a full calendar year, at least, up to January 2014.
2. We are to be in formal communication with them at least twice per month.
3. We are to publish any information they request on Facebook, web-sites, e-mails, etc, when guided by The Alchemy.

They told us that later on in the year we would be asked to join & work with other groups on Earth. Lord Melchizedek came through at the end, closing the meditation."

Additional Information:  
  • After a couple of sessions with friends, we were asked to hold larger group calls to reach more people.
  • Our first open group call was held on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013.
  • Each call is in Divine Service to the transition of Mother Gaia and her people.
  • Calls are recorded so everyone may listen to them at any time.
  • Most, if not all calls, offer an energetic gift at the end in gratitude for our service.
  • The original Ground Crew consisted of Ana-La-Rai, Saa Ra La, Vivi and Laurel.  In September 2014 Vivi stepped down and Gayle joined the Ground Crew.  In May 2016 the Ground Crew added two new members, Julie Foster from Georgia, USA and Christian Andergassen from Munich, Germany.    In October 2017 our Ground Crew has shifted and now includes Ana-La-Rai, Saa Ra La, Gayle, Christian and Kandy.

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