Our Ground Crew

The Alchemy's Ground Crew

Why do we have a  Ground Crew and who are they?

Our Ground Crew are an important part of The Alchemy's work on planet Earth. The Ground Crew (GC) are responsible for the 3D work such as setting up a website, finding a system for our webinars, utilizing Social Media for getting our call details and messages out, for organizing Gatherings and most importantly, for holding the energies we are bringing onto planet Earth. They are our first line of co-creation and without them, our work would not possible. Simply put, they are the bridge between humanity and The Alchemy.


Also known as "Ribbons", Ana-La-Rai is our Voice (Channel).  She is the one all of our communication comes to and through.  Due to her years of work in group consciousness, her unique clarity and ability to channel we were able to first connect with her on January 27, 2013.     Ana-La-Rai's primary responsibilities are as our Voice, to bring through and hold the Alchemy energy and to lead our work with planet Earth.  She currently resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Visit Ana-La-Rai's website.

Saa Ra La

Also known as "the Green One", Saa Ra La has been with us  and on the Ground Crew since the very beginning, when Ana-La-Rai first brought The Alchemy through.   She and Ana-La-Rai had already been working together in group consciousness for several years, which allowed The Alchemy to come forth to them. Her primary responsibilities are over lighting the Heart Collective and translation into Spanish.   Saa Ra La currently resides in Hollywood, Florida, USA.


Also known as "the Gayle One", Gayle has been on Alchemy calls from the first few months of 2014 and joined our Ground Crew in September 2014. Gayle's primary responsibilities are financial and accounting.
She currently resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Also known as "the Christian One", Christian started participating on Alchemy calls in mid 2015. He was invited to join the Ground Crew in May 2016. His primary duties are our website, translation into German and Alchemy videos.
Christian currently resides in Munich, Germany.


Kandy currently resides in Washington, USA.
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